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Living from Pascha to Pascha  -   Resurrection of the Lord: April 12, 2015


Unless noted otherwise, sermons are by Fr Alexis Kouri

09/14/14 We do have a choice. Preached by Fr Anthony Yazge, Antiochian Village Camp Director.
09/07/14 God’s Love Continues after the Cross
08/31/14 We know what we need to do. Preached by Fr Joseph Abud from St George Church in Flint, MI
08/24/14 God’s math and Forgiveness
08/17/14 Power of Humility
08/10/14 Into the chaos
08/03/14 Our Identity
07/20/14 St Maria of Paris
07/13/14 Bucket List
06/29/14 Sts Peter and Paul. Preached by Fr David Vernak
06/22/14 All Saints of North America
06/15/14 All Saints – Friends of God. Preached by Fr George Geevarghese
06/08/14 Our Pentecost – A successful mission
06/01/14 Relationships and Eternal Life
05/25/14 Freedom Through Christ
05/18/14 Leaving her bucket
05/11/14 The House of Loving Kindness
05/04/14 See how they love one another
04/27/14 The Dalai Lama and the Jewish Secret
04/13/14 At the Feet of Jesus
04/06/14 Lust of Power
03/30/14 On Faith. Preached by Fr George Geevarghese
03/26/14 Eulogies for Fr Alexander Atty: By Fr David Vernak, By Fr Alexis Kouri, By Bp Basil
03/23/14 Let us partake of the fruit of the Tree
03/16/14 St Gregory Palamas and the Threefold Way
03/09/14 Lent is a time for change
03/02/14 Why we renounce Satan
02/23/14 Matthew 25, Parables of Preparation
02/09/14 The Publican and the Pharisee
02/02/14 The Meeting of The Lord. Preached by Fr Alexander Atty
01/26/14 Fr Alexis’ message at the Annual General Assembly
01/26/14 Active Faith and the Scriptures
01/19/14 Healing and Thanksgiving. Preached by Fr George Geevarghese
01/12/14 Fear and Light
01/05/14 Theophany and Loving God’s Creation
12/29/13 Glorify Him!
12/25/13 A Nativity Homily by St John Chrysostom
12/22/13 God Is With Us
12/15/13 Excuses – Really they only fool ourselves
12/08/13 Correct Teaching and Correct Living
12/01/13 Persistance, Preached by Fr Tom Soroka, pastor of St. Nicholas Orthodox Church in McKees Rocks, PA
11/24/13 Detachment
11/17/13 Materialism and Watchfulness
11/10/13 To whom are you a neighbor?
11/03/13 Lazarus and the rich man. Preached by Fr Mark Wallace of St James Mission, Stillwater, Oklahoma
10/27/13 St Demetrios and modern martyrdom
10/20/13 Evangelizing begins at home
10/13/13 Tilling the soil of our heart
10/06/13 The Real Widow and Community Responsibility
09/29/13 Message of Love and The Antiochian Village. Preached by Fr Anthony Yazge of Antiochian Village.
09/22/13 The household of Stephanas
09/15/13 Evening Reflection, a voluntary cross
09/08/13 Two Sides of Faith
08/25/13 Battling adversity with a proper foundation. Preached by Fr Elijah Mueller of St. Makarios Mission, Chicago
08/18/13 Our thoughts determine our lives
08/11/13 Bear the failings of the weak
08/03/13 God’s Will
07/28/13 The Christian Struggle and Demons
07/21/13 Freedom to Choose
07/14/13 Surrendering Part 2
07/07/13 Commitment or Surrender
06/16/13 Unity and Dwarfs and Elves
06/09/13 What is sin?
06/02/13 There go I
05/26/13 Acquiring a soft heart, Part 3 Practical Steps on Being Teachable
05/19/13 Acquiring a soft heart, Part 2 The Four Ruts of Unteachability
05/12/13 Acquiring a soft heart, Part 1
05/05/13 Paschal Sermon of St John Chrysostom
04/28/13 Christ the Borrower
04/21/13 The Servant Messiah
04/14/13 Mother Alexandra speaks on Prayer and Distractions
04/14/13 Must our Prayer be Perfect?
04/07/13 Jesus’ Cross and Our Cross
03/31/13 Love and Compassion – The 35 Day Challenge
03/24/13 Showing honor to all icons
03/17/13 6 Steps to Forgiveness
03/10/13 Loving Humanity but Hating People
03/03/13 Limitations to our Freedom
02/24/13 The Soul – Intellect, Desire, Heart
02/10/13 Workers of the vineyard. Preached by Fr Alexander Atty
02/03/13 God’s Positioning System – The Church
01/27/13 Some things I learned from a friend
01/20/13 On St Euthymios preached by Fr Gregory Wingenbach
01/13/13 Choices – external and internal
12/23/12 Three Steps to Trusting in God during Difficult Times
12/16/12 The Holy Forefathers – Icons and the Board with Lights
12/09/12 Healing of the woman on the Sabbath – The real meaning of Sabbath
12/02/12 Healing of the Blindman – Freedom and Letting Go
11/25/12 Buying Happiness
11/18/12 Readjustments for Thanksgiving
11/11/12 The Good Samaritan preached by Bp ANTHONY
11/04/12 Salvation Part 2: Synergy-Cooperation with God
10/28/12 Salvation Part 1: Being Saved
10/21/12 Loving our enemies, and those we don’t like very much
10/14/12 Be the Church
10/07/12 Finding Silence
09/30/12 Cleansing the Soul
09/23/12 Ordinary People with Extraordinary Living
09/16/12 Disciples Get Back on Track
09/09/12 Commending ourselves to Christ
09/02/12 Bearing Fruit
08/26/12 Discipleship, an Orthodox Way of Life
08/19/12 Forgiveness
08/12/12 On Faith and the Transfiguration by Fr Meletios Webber
08/05/12 A personal relationship of love
07/08/12 Christ is the Tormentor, Deliverer, and Disturber
06/24/12 Fear and Being Present
06/17/12 Fishing for People
06/10/12 All Saints Sunday- Becoming a Saint
06/03/12 Pentecost – Preparing your heart for the Indwelling of the Holy Spirit
05/27/12 John 17:1-13 – Giving without resentments
05/20/12 Spiritual Blindness/Hardness of Heart

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